Share To Earn Up To 25GB of Free Bandwidth

ContentActivator will credit your account with 5GB of bandwidth whenever someone you refer signs up and creates a new site. In the bandwidth section of your account you will find a section titled "Share To Earn Up To 25GB of Free Bandwidth" this provides you with two ways to easily share on twitter and Facebook as well as a URL that can use to send to people you know.


How will I know if someone signs up from my link?

Within a few hours of someone signing up using your referral link you will get an email notifying you that you have earned the bandwidth credit. The transaction will also be available in the transactions section of your account.

I have told a lot of people about ContentActivator but I have received very few credits, why?

In order for us to accurately determine which new signups came from you, they must click on the unique URL we provide you to share with. If a user clicks on someone else's referral link before signing up, the most recent link clicked before signing up will receive the credit. If the person you refer does not ever click on your link, or has strict browser security to disable all cookies, you will not receive the credit.

I just signed someone up, where is my credit?

It usually takes less than an hour but can take up to 24 hours for your credit to be applied to your account. If you did not receive credit you can contact our support team to help figure it out.