Adding Disqus to Your Site

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Disqus is a powerful commenting tool that is used by millions of blogs and websites on the web. ContentActivator has integrated Disqus to allow you to easily add commenting to your blog, if you choose to do so. The following sections will walk you through adding Disqus to your site.
Step 1: Go to
On the homepage, click the "Add Disqus To Your Site" button.
Step 2: Create A Disqus Account
Create a new account of log in if you already have an account.
Step 3: Add Your Site To Disqus
Give your new site a name. It can be any name you like but ContentActivator recommends you name it something similar to your site. This will help remain organized. Then choose your Disqus URL and select a category for your site. Once complete, click the "Finish registration" button.
Step 4: Choose your Platform
Chose the "Universal Code" option.
Step 5: Get Your Disqus Shortname
In the code on the page, you'll notice a "shortname". This "shortname" is all you need to integrate Disqus into ContentActivator. Either copy or write down this shortname.
Step 6: Add Your Disqus Shortname
Go to the Settings > Integrations section within the ContentActivator application.  Add your Disqus shortname.
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Step 7: Allow Blog Comments
Go to the Settings > Blog section within the ContentActivator application.  On the bottom of the screen, enable blog comments using Disqus.
Step 8: Publish Your Site
By publishing your site, you're activating all updates you've made, including adding Disqus comments to your blog.