Managing 301 Redirects

A 301 redirect will forward your visitors from one page or file on your website to another. The "301" part of a 301 redirect tells your visitors that the address has moved permanently.  This is a very useful tool for migrating your previous site onto the ContentActivator platform or for forwarding URLs used in advertisements. 301 redirects also help prevent the inclusion of broken links in search engines or pages that may have been bookmarked by previous visitors to your site.

The 301 redirect is considered permanent. Most web browsers will keep this redirect cached for a very long time. We advise that you keep this in mind when using this feature to redirect your users from one page to another.

How To Add A Redirect

Step 1: Go To The Settings Section In The App
Click on "Redirects".
Step 2: Add A Redirect
Enter the address you want to redirect your users from and the address you want to direct your users to. You will only need to enter the part of the address that comes after your domain name. Note that you do not need to re-publish your site to make any entered redirects work; they will work instantly.
Step 3: Manage Redirects
You may remove redirects that you no longer need by clicking the "Remove" button on the row of the item you wish to remove. To change a redirect, simply remove the one you wish to change and add the correct redirect as directed in the previous step.