Customizing Your 404 Error Message

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A 404 error occurs when a user manually types in an incorrect web address or attempts to access a disabled or non-existent link, whether from a search engine result or another website. For example, if a user wants to go to but accidentally types, they'd likely end up on a broken page. Instead, we'd like to send them to a customized page that notifies them that they've arrived at an incorrect destination. To maintain a optimal user experience, it is important to communicate and lend a helping hand to visitors to let them know that they have accessed a page or file that no longer exists.

How to Customize a 404 Error Message

Step 1: Go To The Settings Section In The App
Click on the Site Information section.
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Step 2: Edit Your 404 Error Message
Edit the text you want to appear in your 404 error message. You do not need to publish your site for this to go into effect. In addition, your 303 Error Message will be activated immediately.
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