Disabling Your Site

There may be times when you want to disable your site. This is a useful feature for performing maintenance or modifications, or if your site only needs to be active during certain times of the year.

How to Disable Your Site

Step 1: Go To The Settings Section In The App
Click on "Site Information".
Enter Asset Title
Step 2: Click The Disable Site Button
Located in the top right corner of the Site Information section, click "Disable Site".
Disable Site Button
Step 3: Confirm To Disable Your Site
Simply click the "Disable Site" button on the pop-up window. Your site is now disabled.

Update Disabled Messaging

When your site is disabled, the "Site Disabled/Maintenance Message" will show up in place of your site.
The "Site Disabled/Maintenance Message" can be edited in the Site Information section of your account Settings.

Disabled Sites Are Free

You are only charged for sites that are active and published. When you take your site offline, you will pay nothing until you re-publish it.