Pointing Your Domain To ContentActivator Using Amazon Web Services

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Step by Step Instructions for Amazon Web Services domains

This is a step by step guide to help you point your AWS domain to your ContentActivator site. These instructions assume a certain level of technical understanding if you are using AWS for your domain.
Step 1
Using your Amazon Web Services, go to the Route 53 control panel. If your domain record is not yet created, create a hosted zone for your domain.
Step 2
Select the domain you want to point to ContentActivator in the list of domains that you have and select "Go To Record Sets". You should end up on the screen to manage records as displayed below
Step 3
Create or modify the www record for your domain and point it as a cname to contentactivator.com
Step 4
Optionally, using your own means, point the root domain (also known as a "naked" domain or the zone apex) via a 301 redirect to your www subdomain. In ContentActivator's Settings > Domain area, set the primary domain for your website to be www.yourdomain.com