Pointing Your Domain To ContentActivator Using Namecheap

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Step by Step Instructions for NameCheap domains

This is a step by step guide to help you point your NameCheap.com domain to your ContentActivator site.
Step 1
Login to your Namecheap account and navigate to 'My Account' and click on  'Manage Domains' in the dropdown menu.
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Step 2
In the 'Manage Domains' section, click on the domain you would like to transfer to ContentActivator.
Namecheap Step 2
Step 3
Click 'All Host Records'
Namecheap Step 3
Step 4
In the CName (Alias) section, enter or change the "Points To" field for the address you want to use and set the "Points To" field to: contentactivator.com
Note that the '@' host name is already set up to handle your domain URL without the 'www'.
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Step 5
You're almost there. Go back to the ContentActivator application and go to  Settings > Domains. In the "Use Your Own Domain" section, enter the domain you'd like to use. Then click "Set As Primary". Now pat yourself on the back and smile real big. You've now successfully set up your custom domain!