What happens when I publish my site?

None of the changes you make when creating or updating your site will be live on your public site until you publish. This is a really useful feature of ContentActivator since you can take all the time you need to update content, adjust styling, and fine-tune every aspect of your site without effecting the experience on your public site. 

As you're updating your unpublished site, it may be useful for you to preview your changes. ContentActivator has Preview buttons in several locations including the Customize Theme, Publish, Individual Pages and Blocks screens. By clicking the "Preview "Site" button in these sections, you can preview your site in a new browser window.

Once you're ready to publish, ContentActivator has a very powerful infrastructure to serve your site across the entire world reliably and quickly.

What ContentActivator Provides

Fast Delivery
With optimizations in both the way your website is created as well as our finely-tuned server infrastructure powered by Amazon.com, ContentActivator ensures your site will always be fast wherever your visitors are.
Redundant Infrastructure
You site  is published to all of our servers on Amazon.com's infrastructure. This ensures that given hardware failures, natural disasters or any unfortunate event that breaks websites, your website will still be online.
Cloud Distribution
Distributing your website across our cloud infrastructure ensures that your site can withstand massive bursts of traffic that would normally melt even the most expensive single-server hosting offering.