Understanding Site Activity

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ContentActivator comes with some very powerful built-in analytics to help you understand your site. These analytics track the activities performed by your site visitors and seek to display them to you in an easy to understand manner.  The sections below walk you through what ContentActivator tracks.

Want more detailed analytics? Set up your own Google Analytics account.

Site Home

The Site Home screen gives you a snapshot of your site activity. This is useful for gathering an initial understanding of what's happening on your site. If more detailed information is needed, you can view the entire site activity report and/or add your own Google Analytics profile to your site.
Traffic Sources
Device Type
Bandwidth & Storage
View the last seven days of site activity.

Analytics Detail Screen

Accessible by clicking View More on the Site Home screen in the Site Activity section, ContentActivator offers many more detailed options at viewing your site activity.
Date Range
Traffic Sources
Screen Resolutions
Adjust dates to your desired range. Adjusting dates will modify all site activity data points.