Adding Facebook Insights To A Website

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Facebook has useful social engagement analytics that you can add to your website. Facebook Insights is similar to Google Analytics but has more of a social twist. Adding Insights for your domain will provide data on active engagement clicks such as likes and shares, but also passive engagement such as impressions and referral clicks. Both active and passive engagements are crucial components in determining not only the direct interaction with content but also the overall visibility of your content.
Step 1: Verify Your Domain
After you've logged in to Facebook, the first step is to claim Insights for your domain by associating it with a Facebook user account. Visit and clicking the green “Insights for your website” button from the Insights dashboard. Type in your domain address into the text box.
Step 2: Add the Meta Tag To Your Site
In the ContentActivator app, go to Settings > Integrations to add your Facebook Insights tag to your site. By simply adding your Facebook Insights ID, the Facebook Insights code will be added to every page of your site in the proper location within published HTML code.
Step 3: Publish Your Site
Publishing your site will publish your newly added Facebook Insights code.
Step 4: View Facebook Insights
Go to to view Facebook Insights for your site.