Adding Collaborators To A Website

Sometimes it's very helpful to get assistance managing your website from other . Adding Collaborators to a site is a very simple process. With ContentActivator, you can manage all of your sites from one account and give different individuals the ability to manage your sites with differing levels of access and abilities. ContentActivator offers the following roles for Collaborators:
  • Administrator - Full Permissions
  • Partner - Full Permissions, may not manage collaborators
  • Editor - May create and edit content and images and publish, may not edit site settings
  • Limited - May create and edit content and images, may not publish or edit site settings
  • Analyst - May review site changes, submissions and analytics, may not edit content or publish
Step 1: Go to the Settings Section in the App
Click on the Collaborators section.
Step 2: Add Collaborators
Enter the email address and select the role you'd like to give a collaborator. Click the Invite button.
Step 3: Manage Collaborators
Modify the role of any collaborator and remove access at any time.