Managing Website Navigation

ContentActivator gives you great flexibility when managing your site navigation. Items such as navigation placement, logo styling, fonts, site search and more can be managed with ease. In addition, the sections in your site nav can be uniquely managed to link to pages in your site, blocks within those pages and external links. The following sections will walk you through managing the styling and contents of your site navigation.

Managing Your Site Navigation & Footer

Step1: Access Navigation or Footer Sections
Click on the Navigation or Footer section within Site Settings
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 Step 2: View Navigation Sections
The Navigation or Footer sections display all sections currently available in your site navigation.
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Step 3: Add Navigation Sections
In your navigation sections, you can choose to link to existing pages on your site, individual blocks within those pages or external links entirely outside of your site.
Manage Navigation Sub-Sections
If necessary, you have the ability to add navigation sections as sub-sections in your navigation. These sections will appear as dropdowns in your main site navigation.
Reorder Navigation Sections
Navigation section will display on your site in the same order displayed in your Navigation section. All items can be reordered by clicking the Reorder Items button and dragging items to their desired position.
Add Footer Text 
(Footer Section Only)
You can optionally add a line of text to your site footer. This is useful for copyright information or other notices you'd like to post across your entire site.

Styling Site Navigation & Footer

Step 1: Access Blog Settings
Click on the Customize Theme section within Site Settings. This section allows you to manage all global styling on your site.
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Step 2: Select Customizations
Select the Customization Options menu. In this menu there will be a Navigation and a Footer section. Each of these sections will contain several options to modify your site theme. 
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Step 3: Customize
Each customization option has a number of settings to allow you to style your navigation and footer exactly as you need.
Step 4: Publish
Once you complete styling your site how you need, publish your site.