Preparing Images For Responsive Sites

ContentActivator recommends that you upload images exactly 3000px wide or tall. So for example, a horizontal photo might be 3000px by 2000px, whereas a vertical image might be 2000px by 3000px. The system supports larger images however once your image is uploaded it gets automatically resized into a number of different widths starting at 100 pixels and going all the way up to 3000 pixels. Images can also be uploaded in smaller dimensions and still work well on many devices but for the best experience on all devices, we recommend uploading images with these large dimensions. 

ContentActivator serves up image in the most efficient manner possible. Each visitor to your website will automatically request the smallest possible image that will display best on the device they're using to access your site. This process ensures that your visitors will see retina quality images on retina devices, or standard quality images on standard screens while also ensuring that your website isn't necessarily requiring them to download more data than they need to on smaller screens. This process creates incredibly fast downloads and makes for happy users.

Accepted File Types

SVG (Vector) Images
SVG is a fantastic media type for the modern web. SVG Images are smaller, faster downloads that display great on all devices including high DPI/Retina screens. When possible, we recommend you consider using SVG for images that were created in vector based graphics software such as Adobe Illustrator or our own icon library!

All Accepted File Types

We allow the following file types to be uploaded into your site:
  • .svg (recommended for vector graphics)
  • .png (recommended for pictures or other images)
  • .jpg, .jpeg
  • .gif

ContentActivator has powerful, built-in image management features.

In addition to uploading your own image assets, ContentActivator has a number of other ways for you to add visual elements to your site.
Upload Your Own Images
Upload your files into the ContentActivator application. You can also drag & drop a file from your computer right in to the uploader tool. You can even find an image online and copy/paste the link into the uploader tool.
Reuse Existing Image Assets
Any previously used asset on your site can be reused again can be accessed within the My Media section of the uploader tool within ContentActivator. This includes all photos, icons and videos.
Free Stock Photos
ContentActivator has integrated multiple stock photo libraries, containing thousands of royalty-free photos. If you don't have any photos to use, this is a great way to add photos to your site.
Background Tile Patterns
ContentActivator has added many different background tile patterns to use on your site. Background patterns are very useful if you want to add some repeating background textures to a particular block on your page.
.svg Vector Icons
ContentActivator uses a library of over 1,300 stunning vector icons, provided by, for use on your site. All icons can be resized in multiple sizes and colors. Regardless of any modifications, all icons retain very high quality display on all devices with the added benefit of very small file sizes.
YouTube Videos
YouTube videos can be added by either searching through YouTube videos within the uploader tool or by navigating to, locating your video, then copying/pasting into the ContentActivator upload tool. If you add your YouTube account account to ContentActivator, you'll see a list of your videos within the uploader tool.
Vimeo Videos
Similar to YouTube videos, you can also add Vimeo videos to your website. Simply connect your Vimeo account and you'll easily be able to load your videos on your website.
SoundCloud Audio
Add audio files can be added to your website by connecting your SoundCloud account to your site.  

Still want more? Use ContentActivator's Built-In Image Editor.

1 - Load Image
Select from any image uploaded or just upload a new photo.
2 - Crop
Crop your photo to a specific aspect ratio or to any size you want.
3 - Add Filters
Choose from a library of image filters and effects (kinda like Instagram.