Verifying a Website with Pinterest

Pinterest can be a powerful tool for engaging with your prospective audience. Pinterest for Business requires you to verify your site in order to build a profile for your business. ContentActivator has created an easy method for you to do this. Once complete, you will be able to show pinners that you’re a trustworthy source and you'll gain access to valuable Pinterest analytics.
Step 1: Set up A Pinterest Business Account
Go to and create a new account. Instructions can be found on Pinterest's business site.
Step 2: Access Your Profile Info
On your Pinterest profile page, click on the pencil in the bottom-right corner of the name box.
Step 3: Enter Site Address
Enter your web address in the Website field, then click
Verify Website
Step 4: Add the Meta Tag to Your Site
Pinterest allows you two methods of verifying your site. Choose the meta tag verification.
Step 5: Add Meta Tag To Your Site
In the ContentActivator application, go to Settings > Integrations and enter your Pinterest meta tag in the space provided. It is recommended that you do this in another browser tab, while leaving Pinterest open.
Step 6: Publish Your Site
By publishing your site, you're publishing the newly added Pinterest meta tag to your site. 
Step 7: Complete Verification
In Pinterest, click the 'Complete Verification' button. Clicking this button will complete the site verification process.