Verifying a Website with Google Webmaster Tools

to be Google Webmaster Tools is a free service offered by Google that allows you to gain insights on your site and to allow your site indexed more effectively within Google search results.  ContentActivator already provides you with all of the elements you need to submit your site to Google Webmaster Tools. By default, your site comes with the following items, required by Google Webmaster Tools:
  • A Google Sitemap file - ContentActivator has already created a sitemap.xml file living at the root directory of your website. For example, see Every time you publish anything on your site, this file automatically updates. This will allow your site to be indexed more effectively by Google Webmaster Tools.
  • A robots.txt file - A robots.txt file is a simple text file that is placed in your website’s root directory in order to tell the search engines which pages to index and which to skip. ContentActivator automatically generates this file for you. Many sites use this file to help the search engines index the content of their websites. This also increases spiderability of search engines. This file also lives at the root directory of your site. For example, see
  • Google Webmaster Tools verification - ContentActivator allows you to easily verify your site with Google Webmaster Tools by simply entering a verification HTML file given to you by Google Webmaster Tools.
Step 1: Set up A Google Account
Go to  and log in using your Google account. 
Step 2: Add Your Site
Once you log in, click the 'Add A Site' button on the top right of the screen. Clicking this will launch a window asking you the your site's domain. Enter your site's domain in this field. Note that you should have your site set up on its final domain name before you do this. For example, if your site is currently at but you intend to move it to, you should have it live at first.
Step 3: Obtain a Verification Meta Tag
Click the 'Alternate Methods' tab, then select the 'HTML tag' verification method. Copy the unique tag give to you.
Step 4: Add the Verification File to Your Site
In the ContentActivator app, go to Settings > Integrations to add the
Google Webmaster Tools tag to your site. By simply adding your Google Webmaster Tools HTML tag, the Google Webmaster Tools code will be added to every page of
your site in the proper location within published HTML code.
Step 5: Publish Your Site
By publishing your site, you're publishing the newly added Google Webmaster Tools verification code to your website. This will allow you to verify your site. in Google Webmaster Tools
Step 6: Verify Your Site
In Google Webmaster Tools, go to My Site > Verify Ownership and click 'VERIFY' on the bottom of the page. Verification should now be complete. Over the next several days, your site will start to collect some data within Google Webmaster Tools and you will be able to view expanded analytics around your site's search visibility.