Blocks: Custom HTML

The Custom HTML block is available to all users but it is suggested to only be used by more advanced users. With this block, you will  be able to achieve a very custom look and/or add additional functionality to a site. Any HTML, CSS or Javascript that is input in the block's custom code area will be included with the block's markup as-is.

When using this block, you are injecting your own markup and scripting into your page. We encourage you to be careful with JavaScript variable names, CSS classnames, selectors and invalid HTML as it may interfere with your site's already standards-compliant code.

Why You Might Want to Use the Custom HTML Block.

3rd Party Integration

For any 3rd-party integration features that ContentActivator doesn't currently offer.

Custom UI or Animation Sequence

While we strive to provide users with an easy way to achieve total creative freedom on our platform, there are some amazing things you can do when combining HTML, CSS, JavaScript and your unique content together.

Application Integration

You may wish to provide a custom login area, application status, or other features to achieve a seamless experience between your public site and your mobile or web applications.

Want custom code on every page of your site?

In addition to adding Custom HTML blocks to your pages, ContentActivator also allows you to add custom HTML or JavaScript to every page of your site. This may be useful for things such as adding 3rd-party tracking or integrations.  To do this, simply use the Custom Code section in the Integrations screen in your Site Settings.

Custom HTML Block Examples

Example 1

Embed a Google spreadsheet!

Example 2

Combine custom HTML, CSS and Javascript to create anything!

In this example, we are animating some confetti flying across the screen.

Example 3

This example will display a random help topic from our own help site!

Image Grid Block Title

Image Grid block body text.

Item 1 Title

Item 1 body text.

Item 2 Title

Item 2 body text.

Item 3 Title

Item 3 body text.